Spring/Deep clean from £100

If you have been wanting to do a spring/deep clean of your home but feel overwhelmed by the chore why not contact DLcleaners. For a small price we will have your home looking, smelling and feeling great.

Just let us know what your requirements are and we can arrange a plan to meet your needs. Book a deep clean today and avoid any permanent stains or unsightly dirt fixing into your home before it’s too late. A bit like a chipped windscreen; organising a deep, thorough clean will remove stains and bacteria before they start to make themselves at home!

What we will clean

  • Clean all skirting boards and thoroughly wash doors
  • Clean window frames, sockets and switches
  • Clean inside & outside of all kitchen appliances
  • Sweep and wash hard surface floors
  • Deep carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is an extra cost
  • Clean all worktops, cupboards and surfaces
  • Clean sinks, window ledges and doorframes
  • Oven cleaning which is an added extra

Our Prices

Our services are tailored to your needs call now for a quote

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