End or Start of tenancy clean

Clean and polish inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers.
Clean internaly and external fridge. (Freezer only if defrosted.)
Clean microwave inside and outside.
Clean washing machine.
Clean dishwasher.
Clean and degrease oven. (The oven is an added extra starting from £50)
Clean and degrease hob/grill.
Clean, degrease and polish extractor fan.
Remove mould, grease from walls and tiles. Wash down and polish.
Wash down and clean all counter tops.
Remove limescale and polish sink/shine taps.
Clean windows from inside
Wipe down all woodwork(doors/door frames/skirting boards).
Wipe down and clean radiators
Clean plugs and light switches
Spot clean walls (We use sugar soup to clean walls and have magnolia paint only on hand)
Mop/hoover floor
Bathroom Cleaning
Clean and polish bath.
Wash shower cabinet.
Clean and disinfect toilet from inside out.
Wash and de-scale sink/ shine taps.
Wash down tiles and remove mould.
Clean mirrors.
Wash clean shelves and sufaces.
Clean windows from insides.
Wipe down door frames and skirting boards.
Wipe clean towel rails.
Vacuum and mop floor.
Bedroom Cleaning
Remove cobwebs.
Clean coving, picture rails, curtain rail.
Clean polish mirror and pictures.
Spot clean walls.
Clean plugs, sockets, light switches, lamp shades, light fittings.
Clean radiatots.
Wipe down doors.
Wipe down skirting boards and all wooden furniture rid of dust.
Clean windows from the inside.
Clean inside/outside of cupboards and wardrobes.
Clean behind and under furniture.
Clean under matress.
Mop and hoover.
Living/Dining room Cleaning
Remove cobwebs.
Clean pictures and mirrors.
Clean curtain rails.
Clean windows internally.
Wipe down and clean doors.
Clean skirting boards and woodwork free of dust.
Clean radiatots.
Clean windows from the inside.
Clean behind and under furniture.
Dust and polish all surfices.
Upholstry vacuumed, cushions moved and cleaned underneath.
Vacuum and mop if relevant.

Please note the prices quoted are based on 1 bathroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen. Charges will apply for additional bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.